The Quality / Environment / Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work are a strategic bet of the company, being fundamental to its activity. Therefore, adequate means and resources will be made available for the implementation, compliance and continuous improvement of the management systems in operation at Plasmitec.
Customer Service
Through the organization’s commitment to fully meet customer requirements, the statutory and regulations and other.
Promotion of continuos improvement of process and services associated with its activity, through a systematic search of increased performance (technical and logistical) and cost reduction.
Relentless pursuit of widening the range of services.
Satisfaction of employees
By continuing increase in their level of motivation, as a result of appopriate training to the performed tasks.
Providing a safe and healthy work environment by suppling them with personal protective equipment and promoting safe work systems.
Satisfaction of Investors
By improving the company’s image and return on invested capital.
Satisfaction of Society
By contributing to the existence of a modern industrial base that generates wealth and with minimized enviromental impact.
Plasmitec Management publicly expresses (internally and externally) its personal commitment, and of the entire structure it directs, to comply with and enforce this Policy.